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I Love Welbeck !!

I love Welbeck because it is so nice and peaceful !! we are always being nice to each other (most of the times) but normally we get one well.



Charlie William McKeon

I love my Mummy

She gives me lots of hugs and kisses. She is the best mummy in the world. xxxxx 

Maisie's mummy

Tonight Maisie practised her key words and reading. We then went out to the Foxglove for tea with Nanna. Maisie ate everything! she had fries with skins & lasagne. We then went to ASDA and brought some flowers for Nanna that maisie chose. Now she's getting ready for a story in bed.

Mothers day

To Mummy 

thank you for everything you have done for me and thank you for my teddies you have gave me. I hope you have a lovely day I love you a lot. Lots of love from Maisie xxxxx ♥ 

Happy mothers day Mummy

To mum


!Happy mothers day!

I hope you enjoy your special day to relax and be calm.I also wanted to say today your day will be the best in the world because your my mum.......


love from your little angel Jenson xxxxxsmileyheart

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