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Easter Holidays

on mondayme  mummy dadyyy ali tatunty helen uncle stu and joshua went    to matlock      walk by the  river  and ate   fish and chips



My Week Off School

Friday 13th 2015

Went to south forest swimming centre with my mum, dad, sister, aunty and cousin i really enjoyed it i went on the slide lots of times and also went in the hot tub 


Saturday 14th 2015

Stayed in at home and played on my tablet and my ipad practicing my phonics and spellings i also stayed at my mamma tracys house for the nite and my sister was with us for a few hours i did some baking (minion biscuits)


Sunday 15th 2015

Stayed at home for the day


Wednesday 18th 2015

Went to the Greenmill (Windmill) in nottingham with my mamma tracy and aunty and cousin josh i really enjoyed it i brought alot of things back with me


What Ruby loves!

Ruby loves having fun! Swimming at Center Parcs, popcorn and movies, riding her bike and looking after her pet rabbit Bluebell. 

my dinner

Tonight I had fish fingers I eat them all! 

are you going out

Are you going out anywhere? 

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