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Mr Croc

My mum took me and Mr Croc to play at Jango's then for dinner at Asda


I have had fun at half term.


i have been to meadowhall, had a sleepover at nana and grandads and went to York.


my mama took me to the forest

about me

my name is Lucy and I like flying

I also love my mummy and daddy and megan

what I did today

I went to the shop's with my Nana, I saw a cuddly horse, it make's sounds, move's her head she has a white stripe running down her nose and her body is a sandy colour, she can not stand. my Nana brought me the cuddly horse I have named her Elsa and I carry her every where I go.

my very fun day .

Hello today I have been playing teachers and playing with the play doh . yesterday i was playing with sophie , i had a lot of fun . furthermore i was playing jigsaw puzzle with my mummy and then i watched frozen , because it is my favourite film, and my favourite character  is Elsa . 

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