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I Love Welbeck !!

I love Welbeck because it is so nice and peaceful !! we are always being nice to each other (most of the times) but normally we get one well.



Charlie William McKeon

cool marcus

Hi my Name is marcus i have cool stuff and today i am going to my frends houses.

Fletcher Rok and woll

my  name  is  fletcher  I  like  Rock  and  Roll  and  i  like  singin

Red riding hood in 5 sentences.

Did     You    Know     Once    A    Poler     Time   Thire    Was     A    Gilr    Could     Littlel   Red    Riding      Hood    Be carus    She     Was    Could    Littel    Red     Riding      Hood  is      That      She  Werd    A   Brit    Soot    One    Day     Her     Mum    Sed    Can    You   Go    To    Your    Grammars

All about me

My name  is  Freya  and  I  like  cats  and  dogs.  I  like  painting  at  school. 

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