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cheekycheekySO EXCITED!!! on Saturday, I skated in the middle of the PANTHERS GAME!!! (Ice Hockey)

Singing club

Me and my besties Emily and India are really excited because we are going to Sheffield to do the Young Voices concert. Some songs are from popbands and famous people! Guess who  we are going to see? Stacey Sollamon. We are going on Thursday so you may see us.  Hopefully it will be videod or we will have some photos... we are extremely nervous but happy and we need as much luck as we can carry!!!cool

Georgias ice-skating

Skating after only one year, and I have got my first competition with my team "ICE POPS,"  and out of 100 teams I hope that we will finish in the top 3. My competition is on Sunday and I am really nervous. Thoresby is wishing me luck as I am TEAM CAPTAIN !!! smiley

The Mythical Monster

Once there lived a mythical creature called "Firinator." It is believed that it was a hybrid between a calculator and the flames of a fire. Its powers could be used for... doing your homework and then burning it to little pieces! Miraculously, the Firinator was to be found on a cruise ship a long time ago, within one of the cabins, when he heard the sound of a pencil running across a sheet of plain, white, crisp paper. In the meantime, anyone who knew the little boy that was staying in the cabin, understood that he never left his homework laying around anywhere. So, during dinner, he slipped back to the cabin and slotted his homework into a folder and ran off to find his mum and dad. When he returned to the table, he put his folder onto the chair next to him. Following closely behind, the Firinator was spying on the little boy through the window. But suddenly, the boy looked around, causing the Firinator to be stunned and standing in the hot spicy soup.   This story is to be continued ....... wink 

Ben Jem William Josh

I am glad that we are awesome friends!

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