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Blogging and Twitter

We are almost there with the new site. I've been looking through the children's blogs and at everyone's weemees. My favourite is Mrs Jones, who also managed to somehow log in as Mrs Andrews when she first used it. 

Blogging has really taken off throughout the school. It is fairly intensive for the teachers because every comment or blog must be seen by them before it can be viewed publicly.


Twitter is something completely new to us. We all really like the idea of tweeting regular updates on what classes are doing or about some great things our children do. At some point we may introduce twitter into upper junior lessons as another way for pupils to discuss their work. First we'll have to make sure everything remains safe and secure and that it becomes an 'addition' rather than a distraction for our pupils.


On Monday afternoon a couple of teachers are coming with me to learn how to use something called 'Iris'. It is a system that cleverly uses cameras  in classrooms for the teachers to look at their own teaching and make observations to help them improve their own practice. It's fairly expensive but we are quite excited about it - well, most of us are; one or two are a little nervous about seeing themselves on camera which is understandable.

Exciting New Website

Over Christmas we've been working really hard to improve our website and make it easier for the teachers and office staff to keep it up to date.


As part of the new site we have added lots of new things like 'Blogging' and 'Twitter'. The Blogs should be a good way for staff and children to talk about the things that interest them.


We will use 'Twitter' to send out regular tweets about what we are doing and how well people are doing in class.


At the moments I'm working on making sure all of the information we had on the old website is also easy ti find on the new one.


If you have any ideas for the new web site, let me know.

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I am the school headteacher. It is my job to keep people happy. Parents are happy when their children are safe and well cared for, teachers are happy when children are making progress and children are happy when coming to school is enjoyable. 


I went to school in Warrington, near Liverpool and my favourite subject was maths. I enjoy playing football. My favourite thing to do in school is to help people when they come to me with a problem.

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