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Hello! What are you doing right now?

Have a go at blogging!

Hello Acorns, I have really enjoyed looking at your WeeMees, they are so creative. Have a go at blogging! All you need to do is type a message to your friends. Tell them what you have been doing or where you are going. Just share your news and maybe some of your friends will reply, and send you a message. Get an adult to help you at first, then have a go yourself.


February Holiday News 2014

Hello Acorns,

I have really enjoyed looking at your WeeMees. They are fantastic, very creative! Everyone is talking about them.

I would love to hear about your holiday news. Try to write a few sentences. Use your phonics to help you with your spelling but don't worry too much, just have a go.

Be brave..


You could even read your friends' work and then comment on that.

Have a lovely half term.


Holiday News

I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday. No matter where you've been or what you've done, we'd all love to know.

Have a go at writing on your blog, be brave and try to write a sentence or two yourself. Try using your phonics but don't worry too much. Ask someone to help you with the really tricky bits.

 Go on, have a go.

Easter holidays

I'm glad to see so many Acorns blogging for the first time this Easter. Well done :-) Tell us all your holidays news and don't forget to comment on everyone else's adventures. See you all soon.

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Hello. I'm a reception teacher in Acorns and look after lower school....and I'm loving it. It's an absolute joy and privelege to watch our little ones grow. I've taught all over school and both my children had a brilliant start to their education here at Peafield. I am advocate of fun learning...with an eye firmly on high expectations, progress  and attainment for all. As deputy I work with teams across school and support other schools.


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