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Electric lightening speed write entries...

Please update my blog with your speed writes from this morning - remember to empty your literacy toolbelt and fulfill your targets!

Reflect on a moment to remember...

I would like members of Thoresby class to think of key events or moments in time that they remember well. It is a good opportunity to show off your recounting skills on the school blog...


Key events that I remember when I was in primary school are:

The wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles

Micheal Jackson releasing his song Thriller

'Do they know its Christmas?' by Band Aid to raise money for Africa

The first MTV pop video was aired on TV

The first music CD was released

Cabage Patch Dolls were invented and sold

The Rubiks cube was sold and I remember my mum buying it for me!


Ask people at home to find out what they remember too!

I would like to know about your stories and recounts with lots of description!


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I teach Thoresby class in school - the children are all smart and with big hearts!

We love animals in Thoresby and I adore my Cocker Spaniel 'Sissy' and I take her on long walks near to where I live.

I really enjoy singing, keeping fit and reading fantasy or thrilling novels which means that I pick up lots of ideas to write my very own stories. Summertime is lovely as I prefer the sunshine and going to lovely hot places for my holidays.


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