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Christmas Fayre

Just a quick thank you to all of you who stayed to run stalls and those who came back to look around (including parents/carers)

Merry Christmas!

The Mountain Book - Grey

Can you explain what erosion is and why it is happening?

Fossils - Guided reading

One of my guided reading groups have been looking at a non-fiction book based on fossils.  I wonder how many facts they can recall. Write them as a comment below. Happy blogging :)

Guided reading: Chef shocker - white

Mr and Mrs Hitchin are the world's most unusual chefs. Some of their dishes include brussel sprouts in custard and cauliflower cake with a side of mint jam...Yuk!
Amy (their daughter) has a new school project all about food. Write a short diary extract as Amy, recounting the moment when she reveals to the class what her favourite food is. Remember to include thoughts and feelings in your entry.

Guided reading: Sleepy Sammy- Purple

As my guided reading group will know, Sammy is a sloth. All he does is sleep and eat and sleep and eat...but is this really a true reflection of what sloths are like?
Using a search engine, can you find out 3 different facts about these animals and post as a comment below?

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